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Globall Steel as our primary goal;

To meet customer expectations and needs with high value-added products in the global steel industry.

In order to achieve this goal, our principles are;

  • To encourage the personnel with innovative and creative approaches, to develop the competence, knowledge and skills of the personnel through trainings, to provide the necessary technological infrastructure,
  • To ensure institutionalism within a Quality Management System in accordance with international standards, laws and regulations, to raise our industry to higher levels in international competition by increasing efficiency,
  • To ensure that product quality and reliability are maintained throughout the product life, with the importance and awareness of customer satisfaction,
  • To exceed the targets set with continuous improvement, to strengthen our sector in a competitive environment, to establish an environment of mutual trust with our customers, employees and suppliers,
  • It is to design and produce our products in accordance with the processes, to prevent possible risks at every stage of the processes by foreseeing them, to make an effort to reach the best by making process measurements and analyzes that will provide continuous improvement.